Month: May 2018

Team Spotlight: Pam Grove

Pam Grove - Office Manager We wanted to help you get to know the team behind the great reputation at Hively Landscapes with our team spotlight series. Pam Grove, Office Manager, was kind enough to join us on the hot seat and answer a few questions. Pam has been running the show at Hively for 18 years, and she is truly the piece of the puzzle that helps keep our clients happy and the business side of our operation running smoothly.

Learn more about what Pam had to say below!

Q: Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
A: When I graduated from high school I tried to join the Air Force so I could become an astronaut; but, I didn’t pass the physical.

Q: Favorite line from a movie? Continue reading


Preparing your Landscape for Summer

Summer will be here before you know it- will your landscape be ready? Hot summer days and dry weather can really stress your lawn and landscape. Without proper preparation for summer, all the money, time and effort you invested in your landscape this spring could be in jeopardy.

To keep your lawn and landscape looking great as the summer heats up, follow these tips from the landscape professionals at Hively. Continue reading

Advantages & Disadvantages of Drip Irrigation

spigot with hose attachedDeep, penetrating watering is the best way to ensure your landscape survives the stresses of the warm season. Proper watering technique calls for watering less frequently, but more at one time, to give your garden a quality soaking that gives roots a sufficient supply of water. This is better than the quick surface watering you see by less experienced gardeners.

For commercial landscapes, as well as larger residential landscapes, a drip irrigation system can be an effective alternative to hiring a landscaping crew or doing the task yourself.

Drip irrigation is a more controlled watering method than using a surface sprinkler or a hose. It uses plastic tubes that distribute water along the length of the system through small holes. These holes connect to emitters that are set near your plants and allow for watering at a slow and very thorough rate. Continue reading