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The Many Benefits of Proactive Lawn Care Services

Lawn care service and maintenance are much less costly than replacement, but many businesses and homeowners fail to realize just how much time and money they can save on their landscaping each year simply by planning ahead. Just like your car which goes into the shop regularly for oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups to avoid engine problems, worn out tires, or other hazardous issues, your home landscape can receive the same kind of preventative care to save you headaches from plant diseases or insects, overgrown and unruly plants, or even the loss of your favorite tree or shrub.

We want to help you enjoy your landscape investment for more than just the short term! Our blog today aims to detail a few of the benefits of choosing proactive lawn care services with an experienced team of landscape contractors like the one you’ll find at Hively Landscapes.

  • Maximizes Growth & Flowers – Experience and expertise in tree and shrub care provides the knowledge about your landscape’s trees and shrubs. Pruning at the right time of year and doing it the proper way will allow your plants to maximize their growth as well as help them reach their full flowering potential. This is done by keeping them at optimal health, something that isn’t possible with improper pruning and other general maintenance methods.
  • lilac bushEarly Identification and Treatment of Problems – Nearly 50 years of experience has given us the knowhow to identify and treat problems early, when the opportunity for successful treatment is highest. Saving a mature tree or shrub can save you from costly removal services and replacement costs, not to mention the other benefits like shade from a large tree, the fragrant scents from a lilac bush, or even the fruits from a strawberry patch.
  • Saves Headaches and Worry – This is especially true for commercial properties. A proactive maintenance plan saves you time and takes care of one of the most significant property maintenance tasks. Not sure whether or not your favorite crape myrtle will survive the winter? We’ll take care of any sensitive plantings to help you enjoy them year after year.
  • Elimination of Insects, Diseases, and Weeds – Three of the most common problems for landscapes – insects, disease, and weeds – are all eliminated by a proactive maintenance plan. Instead of reacting to a harmful disease or insect after the fact, nip it in the bud and save your beloved plants!

A proactive maintenance plan allows you to maximize your landscape investment and saves both time and money in the long run. Tree and shrub replacement and removal can lead to significant costs that you can avoid by trusting a team of experts like Hively Landscapes to care for your landscape.

So, if you want to give your landscape the best possible care, or if you have questions about a proactive maintenance plan for your home or business, give us a call today at 717-292-5696.