closeup of a mulch bed with a tree, roses, and other shrubs

What’s Wrecking Your Landscape?

Could it be your landscape contractor?  After all, this is not an easy job or you would do it yourself, right?  Besides the shear physical labor involved (pun fully intended), it takes a huge amount of knowledge to properly maintain a mature landscape.

Literally Thousands of Plants

There are thousands of ornamental perennials, shrubs and trees, each with multiple cultivars and varieties that have specific environmental needs and are susceptible to unique pests and pathogens.   Each of these unique plants needs to be cared for in unique ways to promote healthy, vibrant and lasting growth.

Good Plants, Wasted

We see it all too often- plant material that is barely halfway through it’s expected lifespan that must be ripped out and replaced at great expense just because it was not cared for properly; sheared to death, planted too deep or shallow, or in a location that is too wet/sunny/shady/dry or frequently, just in a place that cannot accommodate the natural habit of the plant.  It’s a shame, really, good plants doomed to die because the “landscaper” that selected and planted and cared for them didn’t have enough knowledge or experience to know better.

You Bought It…

…Why are you letting them break it?  If you inspect many properties after the “landscaper” has left for the day, you will find that a majority suffer from avoidable damage.  Scalped or torn turf, snapped branches on trees and shrubs, bark stripped from tree trunks.  Why would anyone pay someone to leave ruts in the lawn and tire marks on the driveway?

Free to Me

If you ever wonder what you are paying your landscaper for, or if you can see the damage they are doing, maybe it’s time for a change.  Hively is happy to meet with you and provide you with our free Landscape Evaluation.  We’ll share ideas that will benefit your landscape and increase it’s value.  No obligation, just conversation.