Enjoyable Outdoor Living

With winter on its way out, now is a great time to tune up your outdoor spaces for back yard gatherings as well as peaceful relaxation. Enjoyable outdoor living spaces are made up of several elements that work together to provide functional comfort. Here are some potential elements to consider and as you think about establishing or expanding your outdoor spaces.

Deck/Patio Area

The first step to vibrant outdoor living is having the space to accommodate your family and guests. In addition to sitting areas, you may also need space for dining and cooking. Thinking through all the possible uses for your patio or deck can help you begin to imagine how it could be improved or possibly expanded.

Landscape Lighting

Professional landscape lighting offers both visual and practical benefits. Landscape lighting creates stunning night time effects that transform your home and landscape with unique ambiance. Properly placed lighting also ensures safety by keeping doorways, living areas, and walkways illuminated at all hours.

Landscape Lighting

Water Features

The gentle sound of running water can add peaceful ambiance to any outdoor space. A wide range of water features exist that can suit your property and your preference. Pondless waterfalls, wall fountains and natural rock pools of varying shapes and sizes can be used to as either accents or centerpieces to your outdoor living area.

stone waterfall closeup

Outdoor Kitchens

If you love cooking already, you will love it even more outside. Outdoor kitchens range from modest grilling areas to expansive cooking spaces with a full array of counter tops and appliances. Let the experts at Hively come up with an outdoor kitchen that fits your space and your budget.

Outdoor Fire Elements

Outdoor fireplaces and smaller fire pits are the perfect features for socializing after the sun goes down. From extensive wood-burning hearths to compact gas-fueled fire bowls, fire elements offer inviting light and warmth that are sure to draw a crowd.

hardscaped patio, stone wall, and fire pit seating area

With warm weather on the way, let Hively upgrade and expand your outdoor living spaces this season!