A Grand Entrance

Your entryway is the first thing visitors notice when they come to your house. A well-developed entryway can make a dramatic initial impression. From the street, your front door immediately draws the eye and can be a major asset in terms of curb appeal.

When highlighting your entryway, even small additions can go a long way. Plant beds or shrubs on either side of your front door can totally redefine the space. Symmetrical landscaping nicely frames the front door.

If there is not adequate space for plantings near your entry, flanking your front door with large pots or planter boxes can create a dramatic effect. Filling twin pots with flowers and plants of different colors, textures, and sizes creates a sense of variation within a defined area. These displays can be updated from season to season. Heat-loving sweet potato vines and petunias work well in the summer, mums contribute vibrant color in the fall, and holiday decorations liven up the winter months.

Your entryway also gives you an opportunity to share a bit of your own personality. Witty or whimsical door plaques, small statuaries, or even a flag of your favorite team can all welcome visitors and communicate something unique about your interests or personality.

Your front door is your home’s centerpiece and a focal point for drawing attention. It is a great opportunity to showcase your sense of style. Make your entryway a key element and not an afterthought!