Drainage Solutions For Your Landscape

Don’t Let Your Landscape Go Down the Drain!

When talking about landscaping, the word “drainage” is not the most exciting topic. The fact is that drainage is critically important in making the most of your property.

Without proper drainage, water may collect to undermine foundation structures and drown expensive plants, turning parts of your new landscape into perpetually wet, unusable swamps. Excessive water creates all sorts of problems for construction and limits your planting options. In addition, poor drainage can promote an increase in mosquitoes and accompanying health risks.

Heavy downpours can cause poorly drained sites to become flooded.

Spotting problem areas is the first step in solving them through design. In some cases, excess water can be addressed with water-thirsty plantings. This organic approach is non-intrusive and adds new plant life to your landscape. In many situations, the best solution is to install a subsurface drainage tile system, in order to move excess water away from the area. This process is more involved upfront but is generally more thorough and effective.

Proper drainage allows you to get the most out of your lawn and landscape today, and it can help you avoid problems that might arise in the future.
In addition to addressing water-related concerns in existing landscapes, drainage control and water management is often a necessary and, in some cases, a required part of installing a new landscape or outdoor living area. Your landscape professional should be knowledgeable in the local municipal requirements regarding drainage for your specific project.