Brian Waltersdorf

patio and stone walls
stone walk, mulch beds, trees and shrubs
well maintained beds and landscape material in front of a large home
stone wall, steps, seating area and spa
decorative stone creation in a garden
stone patio, wall steps, muclh beds, pond, and deck with landscape lighting mixed in
stone patio, pond, stone pillars and other backyard landscape items
mulch bed, stone retaining wall, and a mix of shrubs and trees
brick walkway around the side of a home. flower beds and grass surround the path with trees and shrubs
a planter full of flowers
decorative fence and stone walkway in front of york academy
a flower bed next to a home
landscaped front of a brick home
hardscaped stone steps, stone walls, and shade structure leading up to the back of a home
several garden beds next to a large barn
stone patio fire pit area with furniture