a backyard area with pool and outdoor lighting

Improve Ambiance, Comfort & Safety with Simple Landscape Lighting

One of the often forgotten and generally underused secrets of a beautiful landscape is landscape lighting. Used properly, landscape lighting brings out a property’s beauty in a way that’s much different from the way in which natural lighting highlights that same beauty.

Because landscape lighting doesn’t reveal everything, your eye goes just to the parts of your landscape that you and your lighting expert choose to highlight. With 50 years of experience in beautifying landscapes, the team at Hively qualifies as experts, and our landscape design team has perfected the use of landscape lighting to bring out the beauty of your property after the sun goes down.

a waterfall lit by landscape lightingWe’re excited to share this experience with those of you who follow along with our blog, and offer up several of the benefits of artistic outdoor lighting.

  1. If there are areas of your yard that grow dark as the sun sets, your outdoor living space has noticeably been reduced. You and your guests aren’t likely to wander far from the house into unlit areas, so you can actually increase your nighttime living space by better illuminating your outdoor space.
  2. Not only does outdoor lighting improve your living space, but it also brings more comfort and security to your home. A well-lit yard is a deterrent to criminals or trespassers, and it also helps you and your guests avoid uneven paths, stumps or other hazards your yard may contain.
  3. Landscaping lighting can be used decoratively. Using landscape lighting to highlight focal points of the home helps pull the eye towards whatever it is you want to be seen. That beautiful shade structure, colorful garden, and relaxing water feature are all enhanced with outdoor lights.
  4. You can improve your curb appeal and home’s value with landscape lighting. Lighting helps give an impression of a well cared-for home, and helps it appear welcoming to guests.

Landscape lighting will make your property beautiful 24 hours a day (or at least until you decide to turn the lights off at night). So let the team at Hively Landscapes illuminate your home and landscape, and enjoy the benefits of improved ambiance, comfort, and safety!

We encourage you to check out some of our previous artistic outdoor lighting work, or if you’d like to get started or have any questions simply give us a call at 717-292-5696.