Water Features

Water features add visual interest and soothing sounds to your landscape. Here are some water feature ideas to help you think about that pond, stream, waterfall, or pondless waterfall.

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stone water fall on a hill surrounded by black mulch beds
unique water feature ideas include a stone waterfall like this one
stone pond with little girl fountain
stone water feature with decorative frogs and other features
a shallow stone water feature next to a paver patio
stone pond leading underneath a small bridge
a pond with fish beneath a small bridge
an amazing backyard seating area complete with circular paved patio, flower beds, waterfalls and ponds
a circular fountain surrounded by several boxwoods in a mulch bed
a pond with fish beneath a small bridge
pondless waterfall with a fresh mulch bed in the foreground
a stone waterfall mixed into a landscape complete with grasses and other shrubs
a stone waterfall into a pond
several water feature ideas used here - waterfall and two ponds complete with stone walls, lilypads and other water plants
stone walls enclosing flower beds next to a home with a stone waterfall in the background
hardscaped paver patio next to a mulch bed and small pond
3 tiered stone pillar water features
stone waterfall
stone waterfall closeup
stone waterfall surrounded by black mulch beds, flowers, shrubs, and trees
stone waterfall into a stone pond
stone waterfall in the winter. ice formed on the outside stone walls
large stone pond in a well maintained backyard area
large stone waterfall surrounded by a small mulch bed and pebbled rim