Not just a landscape, YOUR landscape! We can help tailor your garden ideas into a stunning reality. Using natives, tried and true standards, and new editions to the nursery industry, our experts work with you to create gardens that are unique and beautiful. “You can always spot a Hively garden”.

Enjoy colorful plantings that showcase your garden ideas for year-round enjoyment. Our easy-care and drought-proof landscapes add fragrant, colorful plants to make your senses come alive!

Your Dream Property Awaits


Hively's sample garden ideas - sloped planting bed
hostas and other greenery in a bed along a driveway
hostas and other flowers, grasses and trees in a bed next to a home
roses and a small retaining wall next to a brick home - sample garden ideas
well maintained lawn, landscape and hardscape walkway between homes
a circle driveway with a flowerbed and tree in front of a large Dover, PA area home
several levels of a garden leading up to a home. trees, boxwood, juniper and other plant material is in the bed
a flowerbox with yellow, purple and red flowers and other greenery
stepping stones between a japanese maple some daylillies and other shrubs
a hardscaped walkway between flower beds
a garden in front of a large homeM4034S-4211
a variety of plants Hively installed. great for garden ideas
a backyard water feature in a garden on a sloped hill
green grass next to flower beds that include evergreens, flowers and trees
black mulch beds next to hardscaped steps
stepping stones in a flower bed leading down a hill
closeup of a rose and other flowers in a mulch bed
red roses a tree, and other shrubs and flowers in a mulch bed
red roses around a tree next to a home
honeysuckle closeup on a black fence
hardscaped patio next to a black mulch bed that has flowers, a stone and other shrubs
red roses and a nandina plant in front of a retaining wall
a rustic looking garden idea