Entrances and Walks

Make the entrance to your home or business an inviting focal point, or meander through your garden on these inviting walkways. There are plenty of walkway ideas here to spark your creativity.

Your Dream Property Awaits


one of our creative walkway ideas. surrounded by flower beds, a stone pillar, and landscape lighting
natural stone patio next to a water feature and leading up to a brick patio
stone staircase leading up a sloped flowerbed into a wooded area
stone steps with railing leading up a hill between flower beds
stone walkway with railing leading up to a home between flower beds
natural stone steps leading up to a heavily landscaped flower bed
stone walkway leading from one paver patio to a smaller paver patio
natural stone steps mixed with a paver walkway
paver patio around the corner of a brick home, blooming flowers line the one side
curving paver patio leading to a black gate between two pillars
hardscaped walkway leading to a decorative black gate between two stone pillars
brick walkway leading up to a brick home entrance
two different stone walkway ideas used in a wooded backyard landscape
paver walkway with several walls, a gazebo, and flower beds next to a parking area
hardscaped paver walkway next to two flowerbeds with blooming flowers
natural stone walkway with a freshly mulched flower bed on a hill. purple flowers, evergreens, trees and more can be seen
natural stone walkway idea in a mulched bed complete with evergreen shrubs, and more
amazing backyard landscape featuring stone steps, paver patios, flower beds, and flower pots
unique paver patio walkway leading to a shade structure
natural stone steps leading up a flower bed
stone paver walkway leading to a paver landing at a front porch
cement walkway leading to the front of a home
hardscaped walkway, gorgeous flower beds, and a unique, covered, front porch
driveway connected to a hardscaped paver walkway with stone and black mulch beds next to it
front of a white home with a porch, paver walkway, and well maintained paver walkway
fresh black mulch beds surrounding a paver walkway leading from the driveway to front porch
driveway connected to a uniquely shaped paver walkway with red much beds