Too often, landscaping services are provided with little attention given to landscape design. Your landscape is as much a part of your home as the kitchen or living room. It should be a place that reflects your lifestyle, where you can live and relax the way you like to— whether entertaining guests on the patio or sitting quietly with your family by the outdoor fireplace.

Our landscape services begin with the all-important step of landscape design, to make your world a thoughtful and, perhaps most of all, manageable place. The landscape professionals at Hively are dedicated to creating the right landscape for you, one that fits your home’s unique setting as it matches your lifestyle and personal tastes. Educated in some of the best landscape design and management programs, our experts can create an award-winning landscape for you!

An important part of our landscape service is hardscaping, and our skilled stonemasons’ exquisite attention to detail will make your project truly unique, whether building a decorative stone wall or installing a grand patio and outdoor kitchen.

The most well-planned landscape in the world will gradually deteriorate without expert maintenance. Our landscape maintenance team includes certified horticulturists who are dedicated to keeping your surroundings as beautiful and healthy as they can be.