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Top 5 Things to Ask Your Landscaping Company

Great landscaping companies do far more than just routine maintenance. While there are countless projects you can hire a landscaping company for, there’s not an unlimited number of companies capable of doing a great job.

How well you research and qualify these companies can mean the difference between a great looking landscape and one that can actually end up costing you MORE money. Picking the wrong landscaping partner may just mean a bad trim job, but in the worst case, you can be stuck with expensive legal bills should an accident occur.

Fortunately, you can screen out the bad apples with a bit of effort. We’ve taken some time to put together a simple, straightforward list of questions you should ask.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

There are dozens of rules landscaping contractors must follow.  Perhaps the most important one is that they be registered with the Bureau of Consumer Protection in the Office of Attorney General, and they must include their registration number on all ads, contracts, estimates, and proposals. This helps protect you by proving they are licensed to work in the state of Pennsylvania. Anyone who applies pesticides or fertilizers must also have an applicator’s license to ensure they aren’t putting anyone at risk when applying pesticides around the home.

Landscaping companies are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, so by finding their license number you can be sure all work done on your property is covered in the event of an accident.

  1. How long have you been in business?

No matter what profession you’re in, you can quickly spot the work of someone less experienced. It’s tough to beat years of dedication to a craft. There’s safety in picking a landscaper that’s been around for a while, because if a company performs work that is subpar, they don’t tend to last very long. Find out how long the landscaping company has been in business and how many years of experience they can put to work for you.

  1. team at trainingWho works for you and how well are they trained?

Does the company know who is working for them? If you’re inviting the company over to work on your property, don’t you think management should have a good handle on their employees’ backgrounds? You want to be sure every crew member is properly screened to provide the best service and least worry.

You also want to be sure employees are well-trained. Poorly trained landscape contractors can do significant, irreparable damage to homes and landscapes.

  1. What sort of guarantee is offered?

Landscaping, hardscaping, maintenance and lawn care all have their problems from time to time, so how well does the company handle those problems when they occur? Do they stand behind their work? Is the guarantee in writing?

  1. Can you provide references?

The best gauge of a company’s work is what they’ve done previously. If customers are happy with their work, the landscaping company should have no problem providing a list of references you can contact.

You may have other questions, but if you include this list among them, you should be able to screen your way to a great landscaper. At Hively Landscapes, we’d be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have as you start your search for a new landscaping partner. Give us a call at 717-292-5696 to get started today.