stink bug on a shrub

Summertime Pest Control

You aren’t the only one who is enjoying the warm summer weather. This is prime season for a variety of common pests we encounter in south-central Pennsylvania. Whether you’re in the midst of a battle with mosquitoes, wasps, ticks, fleas, or another pest, the good news is there is something you can do to fight back.

Rather than dealing with these threats to the health and safety of yourself or your loved ones, it’s time to reclaim your landscape! Keep these tips in mind when summer hits and you’ll be able to enjoy your yard year-round.

Focus on mosquitoes

As our helpful Summer Mosquito Control resource points out, the world’s deadliest animal is the mosquito. They can carry deadly diseases and viruses that are easily transferred from person to person. Because of this, you’ll want to take a few of the simple precautions outlined in our resource to control mosquitoes around your home.

Buzz off

Wasps are busy building nests this time of year and may decide to claim areas around your home as their own. Fortunately, there are a variety of foams, sprays, and other treatments that effectively take care of the problem without putting you in harm’s way. As an added precaution, treat or remove nests late in the evening when the wasps’ activity is lower.

Keep outdoor pests outdoors

Ants, stink bugs, flies, and other pests commonly find their way into your home in search of shelter and food. You can minimize your risk of infestation by keeping your home clean, repairing any cracks or tears in screens, siding or doors, keeping garbage cans clean and sealed, and trimming shrubs or trees that are touching your home.

Call in reinforcements

Pesticides and other pest control products need to be applied according to their label. Many of these can be extremely harmful to you or your loved ones, especially when applied improperly. The benefit of hiring an expert team who specializes in mosquito and pest control ensures a safe application every time by certified technicians.

One of the unique benefits of hiring Hively for your mosquito and pest control treatments is that we use naturally derived materials, so our products are safer for pollinators and beneficial insects, as well as safe for people and pets!

If you’d like to call in the experts at Hively, simply dial 717-292-5696 and we’ll be happy to help!