hardscaped patio with firepit and retaining wall

Think Spring! Deck vs. Patio Installation

Winter weather is definitely here, and it’s got the folks at Hively daydreaming about spring! One of the best things about spring is enjoying time outside on your patio or deck. But what if you don’t have a patio or deck? Now may be the time to start considering it!

The difference between a deck and a patio is fairly obvious: one is raised above ground level, and the other is flush to the ground. However, the questions raised become what are the differences between their installation, and which one is best for your home and landscape? Today, we want to put together a list of installation differences between decks and patios, as well as possible benefits and drawbacks of each.

Uneven Ground: Choose a Deck

When choosing between a deck or a patio, it’s smart to have a full understanding of your property’s layout and topography. For an uneven terrain, a deck is the better choice simply for cost-effective purposes. Laying a patio on uneven property would require a full foundation underneath, which could run thousands of dollars before the actual patio construction even begins.

Decks are a great choice for properties which may have large slopes or lots of tree roots and vegetation. Rather than clearing all of that landscaping away to make room for a patio or spending thousands on a foundation, build a deck over the troublesome spots and enjoy your property to the fullest.

More Material, More Maintenance

When building a deck, materials such as natural wood or a composite wood substitute are often used. These materials are more expensive than the stone used to create a patio, and require much more upkeep than stone. Natural wood requires annual sanding and staining, which can be quite tedious depending on the size of the deck.

Other deck maintenance necessities that should be mentioned are power washing and sealing, which should also be performed annually. However, a patio also benefits greatly from a sealer and occasional power washing; the stones will retain their color and a weatherproof sealer will extend the life of the patio.

Big Parties? Think Weight

If you’re looking for outdoor entertainment space, either a deck or a patio could work for you. However, if you want added goodies such as an outdoor kitchen, a large grill setup, a hot tub, or a large sitting area, a patio is probably better suited for your needs. Since a patio already sits at ground level, you don’t have to worry about any additional supports for added weight. A deck setup, even with extra reinforcement, still has a weight limit to be considered. Space is also more limited on a deck; since the space is above ground, a railing is generally enclosing the deck for safety and does not allow for overflow.

Decks and patios alike provide a return on investment should you choose to install them. They add curb appeal to your home and increase the living space; some potential buyers are even willing to purchase a home with less interior square footage if a large outdoor living space is included. Looking past winter toward spring for your new outdoor space? Give the professionals at Hively a call at 717-292-5696 to start planning your patio or deck today!