lush green grass

Ensure Landscape Success with Simple Soil Testing

Summer is in full swing, and our recent travels around York, PA have revealed that this summer’s heat and lack of rain has taken a toll on local lawns and landscapes.

Many landscape owners believe that the problem is simply the inevitable result of this year’s extreme heat and irregular rain, but something else may be having an effect, and even with ideal temperatures and rainfall, that factor can prevent lawns and landscapes from being fully healthy and looking great.

Fortunately for these home and business owners, the team at Hively Landscapes has the ability to transform their lawns and landscapes from an eyesore into the lush green lawns and beautiful gardens you thought were only possible in commercials.

One of the secrets (Of course, it’s not really a secret) to how we consistently transform these lawns and landscapes from dull to dazzling is to conduct soil testing and then to use our findings to help heal your grasses and plants.

Soil testing reveals two things about your lawn:

  1. What you pH level is.
  2. Everything we need to know about nutrient levels.

pH stands for Power of Hydrogen. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered neutral. A pH lower than 7 is considered acidic and a pH greater than 7 is alkaline. Some plants thrive in alkaline soils, and some do best in acidic soils. For example, roses favor acidic soils, while peonies prefer a more alkaline environment.

rose bed beside a home. includes some juniper and other shrubsBy performing a soil test, we now have the necessary information to correct any soil abnormalities. When the pH level is balanced, you’ll not only increase the effectiveness of fertilizers (and get more bang for your buck), you’ll also improve your grasses’ natural ability to grow as well as improve their long-term resistance to pests and diseases.

The great thing about soil testing is how easy it is to do. All you need is a small sample of soil from your yard. We offer this as part of TotalCare and TurfCare proactive landscape packages, to help us keep everything looking fantastic for you year-round.

Fall will be here shortly, and it is the perfect time to test your soil because we can add lime treatments right away to correct pH levels as we head into the winter months. Schedule your test today with the Hively Landscapes team by calling us at 717-292-5696 or shooting us an email at