Variety for Your Landscape

Aesthetically speaking, contrasting colors, textures, and sounds complement each other in a harmonic way that is pleasing to the senses. As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.”

When it comes to floral displays, color selection should be a deliberate decision, not a rushed or random process. Turf, evergreens, and shrubs and deciduous trees that are not in bloom create a very green landscape. Injecting some bright, primary-colored flowers into the area creates a colorful balance. By mixing things up within a flower bed, you can create another level of variety.

A comprehensive landscape design that incorporates native perennials throughout provides a constantly blooming landscape that is always in transition. Most native perennials will slowly spread in the landscape, naturally adding to its fullness over time.

Combining varied sizes and textures can also add richness to your living landscape. For example, snapdragons and daisies have very different shapes. When placed together, they encourage eye movement, making for an appealing visual display. The same effect can be created by juxtaposing tall, bushy ornamental grasses with shrubs that grow low to the ground.

The possibilities for variety in your landscaping are endless. Whether you’re planning a long-term renovation or simply deciding which annuals to plant this season, never be afraid to mix things up!