Fall Is The Time To Plant

Living landscaping such as shrubs and trees is a big investment in your home. If executed with care and

forethought, these landscape elements can mature into prominent aspects of your property that can be

enjoyed for years and even decades.


Plants have an ideal life cycle, and proper timing goes a long way. Planting in the fall gives new trees

and shrubs the best chance for long-term health and vitality. For multiple reasons, fall is the best time to plant.

Autumn is also the easiest time to plant physically. During these months, moderate rainfall typically

means the soil is neither muddy from heavy rain nor hard as a rock due to drought. Practically

speaking, the digging process is straightforward and not too difficult.


The key to getting the most out of your landscape investment is setting your new plants up for success.

The cooler temperatures of autumn allow new root systems to develop and establish themselves in

advance of winter. A robust and extensive root system makes your new trees and shrubs well equipped

for winter dormancy. This means a forceful spring emergence, with plentiful spectacular blooms.

Living landscaping can shape your property for years to come. While spring planting may seem like the

most logical timing, fall planting is actually better. If your landscape could use some improvements,

don’t hesitate. Fall plantings set the stage for a beautiful, healthy spring landscape.