Time For Fall Cleanups

Fall weather can be finicky. Days go from mild and sunny to cold and gray literally overnight. Once the weather turns, the notion of yard work becomes less attractive. In spite of that, it pays to give your yard a thorough fall cleanup before winter sets in.

For most homeowners, the biggest cleanup task at this time of year is leaf removal. Layers of leaves left to lie can damage grass by blocking needed sunlight, weakening your turf. If left on the ground through the winter, fallen leaves can also render your lawn more susceptible to winter damage.

a large, flat yard surrounded by flower beds in the fall

Cutting back perennials and removing dead or dying branches from trees and shrubs are also fall cleanup steps that will help prepare both for go-time in the spring. Plant beds also tend to collect dead leaves, debris, and trash over the fall. These messes only get worse over the course of the winter. By the time the warm, wet spring rolls around, you’ll find yourself with mucky beds full of slime. In addition to being unsightly, unkempt plant beds are also breeding grounds for pests and fungus.

Whether handling it yourself or leaving it to professionals, a thorough fall cleanup is an important step in closing the book on the year.