Long-Range Planning

Keeping a landscape healthy and appealing is important. Most properties have a wide variety of trees, shrubs and turf areas that all need to be maintained in different ways at different times of the year. Proper timing and scheduling make logistic and economic sense. Pruning, planting, and seeding are all more effective when performed in the appropriate season.

In addition to a seasonal maintenance schedule, it’s helpful to adopt a long-range plan that goes beyond the calendar year. Bed installation, turf area development, and tree installation or removal are all major improvements that benefit greatly from deliberate planning. When timed correctly, new improvements will complement existing landscape elements. By mixing old and new landscape elements, you avoid the need to overhaul entire areas all at once.

In addition to avoiding a disruption to your property, long-range planning also allows you to schedule new additions at ideal times in terms of plant health and viability. For example, trees planted in the fall will be well established by the spring. An extended plan also allows you to schedule new projects in a way that fits your budget.

For maintenance and landscape upgrades, a long-range plan allows you to maximize the return on your investment while limiting disruption to your property.