Is Your Lawn Drowning?

Does a forecast of prolonged wet weather bring a sense of foreboding about more than just a washed-out picnic or tee time? If so, there’s a good chance that your lawn suffers from poor drainage.

Sometimes, standing water in your lawn is the result of roots damaging or destroying underground drain pipes. Drainage issues can render parts of your lawn inhospitable and unusable. If the problem area is close to your house, your foundation itself could be compromised.

Usually, there are multiple ways to address a drainage problem. A rain garden is a landscape feature made up of plants that thrive in extremes when it comes to water supply. Another option is to plant trees or shrubs that require a lot of water. Sycamores, willows, and alder bushes are just a few examples of woody plants which need a large amount of water.

Most often, homeowners simply want to rid their yards of standing water without adding new plants. In this case, the best option is the addition of some sort of drain or drainage tile to remove water. There are many varieties of these, but they’re all considerable installations best done by a professional. A well-designed setup will keep your lawn from sinking down the drain.